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Server not available wincc

A project duplicated with the same project name. Transfered to another workstation, where also ran a previous version from that project.

There is two ways to open a project:

Open SIMATIC WinCC Explorer, File -> Open project

SIMATIC WinCC RT running. Right click on the taskbar Open project.

With first option Warning: Server not available: The configured server is not available. Do you want to open the project using local computer as the server? Start server locally or Cancel

  1. Open WinCC project Cannot open WinCC project — Project Manager for configured server is not running. Check the computer name of the server.
  2. Error The D:WinCC_ProjectsSCADA_2017_04_02N2OSCADAN2OSCADA.mcp file could not be loaded.

With second option

Warning: SIMATIC WinCC RT The project was not configured for this computer. Do you want to open the project and use the local computer name as server?

  1. SIMATIC WinCC RT The project could not be opened. Error:Microsoft SQL Server cannot access the database, please check the access rights.
  1. Delete .dcf file from project.
  2. Reduplicate on the source workstation
  3. Reduplicate on the destination workstation

WinCC Server not available

Vamos a ver un posible error, digo un posible, porque hay mas motivos que pueden causar que aparezca este mismo mensaje de advertencia cuando al abrir WinCC y nuestro proyecto, nos aparece el mensaje WinCC Explorer — Server not available, tal y como se puede ver en la siguiente imagen.

Lo primero que tenemos que hacer y los mas fácil, es comprobar que el servicio de SQL Server(WINCC) este ejecutandose, por defecto cuando se hace la instalación se configura para que así sea, pero si aprovechas el mismo PC para la instalación de otros programas, u otro motivo, puede ocurrir.

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Si el modo de arranque está en Manual, lo cambiamos a automatico, vamos a las propiedades del SQL Server y en la pestaña Service, cambiamos el Start Mode de Manual a Automatico. Reiniciamos el PC

Y solucionado, ya se abre correctamente WinCC y el proyecto que estemos utilizando.

03 de Septiembre del 2017

"La gratitud en silencio no sirve a nadie". Gladys Bronwyn Stern

We are executing a project using PCS7. In ES/OS & Server Machine, we are always getting the message "No Connection to Data Server". I tried to reset data of alarms & trends. Even the log files are ok. But I am always getting this message. Need some help plz.


This sounds like an OPC connection problem.

Typical steps to diagnosing and correcting the cause:

1) Can you browse the OPC data server machine from the client

2) Is OPCEnum installed on the data server and secondly is it running (ideally as a service)

3) Ensure that windows authentication isn’t the issue — firewalls set to off, user accounts are synchronised on both server and clients, use windows file sharing set to off, Data Execution Prevention set to Turn on DEP for essential windows programs and services only.

If still getting connection issues then move to DCOM settings

4) On the data server check the system wide DCOM settings:

Enabled DCOM+ to be checked
Default authentication Level to be Connect
Default Impersonation Level to be Identify

Default protocols to include Connection-Oriented TCP/IP

COM Security to include:

Default Security for Access Permissions of Everyone and System set to allow local and remote access for both accounts

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Security Limits for Access Permissions of Anonymous LogOn and Everyone set to allow local and remote access for both accounts

Default Security for Launch and Activation Access Permissions of Administrators, Everyone, Interactive and System set to allow local and remote launch and local and remote activation for all accounts

Security Limits for Access Permissions of Administrator and Everyone set to allow local and remote launch and local and remote activation for both accounts

Reboot the data server for any DCOM settings to take effect.

5) There are other options available on the OPC Server specific DCOM settings, as well as who the OPC server service is running as, however before launching into these it is best to check vendor specifics on the settings.

Typically we have found the issues with some SCADA/DCS type packages to be that the account the OPC server runs under is not in the windows user group and needs to be added.

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